Sweet Tooth Anyone?



These were really popular at the markets. It look so yummy.

Textured paint, I used a creamy sort of clay for some of the topping, which can go through a cake decorating tip like the real cream.

Sweet Tooth Anyone

Sweet Tooth Anyone?


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Pretzel anyone?

Sugar Coated Pretzel

Sugar Coated Pretzel

Pretzel, with sugar coating 🙂 I made a necklace and a kilt pin with the pretzel.

Each Pretzel is about my thumb’s size, and “sugar coated” with really tiny glass beads. Looks good enough to be eaten??

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Featured on Michi Girl & In.cub8r

Apple Pins on Michi Girl

Apple Pins on Michi Girl

My Apple Pins got featured on this beautiful website. Thanks Gals!
I am such a huge fan of the illustrations.

In.cub8r Gallerys blog

In.cub8r Gallery's blog

I joined the In.cub8r Gallery in promoting my products last month. I appreciate their efforts in promoting the artists’ work.

Here’s their blog: www.incub8r.blogspot.com

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Pin Cushion Container with Yummy Pins

Yummy Pins on Container

Yummy Pins on Container

Pin Cushions with Yummy Pins. The fabric is added on the top of the container with batting and beautiful trimmings. The pins are with yummy items are made from air-drying clay. They are coloured and glazed.

This pin cushion doubles as a cute container to store your pins or sewing-related items.

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Now on Incub8r

Whimsical Clay is now available to the Melbourne Public on Incub8r 7 days a week!

My cube space in Incub8r
My cube space in Incub8r

Whimsical Clay’s cube space is on the left of the shop.
Do drop by to also have a look at the other Melbourne artists and designers’ handmades.

321 Smith Street
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
(near Johnston Street)

Opening Hours:
Tues 11- 5
Mon to Sat 11-6
Sun 12-4



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Lovely Containers

Bird Nest with Robin Eggs

Bird Nest with Robin Eggs

My guy friend did the nest for me by gathering the dried twigs. I thought he was really good with his hands. I made the eggs and the leaves on the nest.

The fabric, lace and label tag are attached to the container. What was originally a condiment container can be now used as a meaningful gift.

Cherry Pies anyone?

Cherry Pies anyone?

A cherry pie container. I mould the pies out of bottlecaps which my friends saved for me. Cherries are placed into the pie and extra glaze was added on top, making it look really yummy. 😀

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Zipper Charms and Notice board Pins

Just would like to share some zipper charms and notice board pins I made.

a) Croissants – the colour is added on by oil paint and glazed with a layer of varnish
b) Grapes
c) Banana

I did the apples to pin the tags onto my board for the market. I did not know they would sell till a lady brought an apple thumb tack from me. I decided to produce more during the week.

a) Pear Pins (these are painted with acrylic, and glazed with varnish)
b) Apple Pins ( I saw these again from the clay book, and I love how each apple is different)
c) Vegetable Pins

Alright, it’s time for bed, tomorrow is market day at Camberwell…I am so excited!
Jooli 😀

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